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Alternative Ways to Invest...

Whether you got the buying and holding thing down, or if you are just looking to dip your toe into the new and exciting world of Crypto; There are some very creative ways you can earn Bitcoin and other digital currencies simply by doing things you do already. Click on the websites below for some low maintenance ways to familiarize yourself with the technology and earn some coin along the way!

Answering Emails is a free service that allows you to get paid in Bitcoin by responding to your emails. Once you activate your account, link it your gmail email address and request that all unknown senders pay $1or $5 in Bitcoin for your response. The site also offers a donation option so you can pay your Bitcoin forward to the charity of your choice.

Posting Content is a social media website similar to Facebook except you earn coins when you post and when others like your content! Steem is the coin behind the Steemit blogging platform. Once you’ve signed up for Steemit you will also have access to its video platform Dtube, which is a decentralized version of Youtube, and, A decentralized version of Twitter where you have the same opportunity to earn Steem. You can learn more about Steem and all its different applications here .

Using Referral Codes

Just like when you receive a referral code when sign up for ride sharing companies like UBER and LYFT or food delivery services like Seamless, UberEats or Caviar. Digital exchanges and online wallets also offer referral codes. These referral codes reward you with different bonuses for recommending their services to your network of colleagues, family and friends. Once you sign up for one of the websites listed below you will be assigned a referral link that you can share with your network. The recipient must sign up by clicking on the link and meet the criteria in order for the bonus to be rewarded.

Coinbase offers $10 free bitcoin with your first qualifying purchase

Robinhood All new accounts recieve 1 free stock

Binance rewards you with a percentage of the signees commission fees.

Remember to share these codes across all your social media networks and watch the perks roll in.

These are just a few alternative ways one can earn cryptocurrency. If you have other suggestions please feel free to drop the info in the comments.