Bitcoin Bombshell

Promoting Diversity in the Cryptocurrency world.


Dedicated to change.

Professionally Known as the Bitcoin Bombshell,  Shanah Walton is a cryptocurrency investor. Her goal is to provide information to underrepresented demographics to help them understand and ultimately get involved in the digital currency world.
After spending the past 12 years as a Restaurant Manager at some of the most popular venues in New York City, Shanah got her start in investing just a short time ago. Motivated by acquiring enormous gains from her initial investment she began to educate herself even further and advising her circle of friends. While navigating the male-dominated cryptocurrency scene, she was disheartened by the lack of representation she observed. That homogeneous environment inspired her to write her first e-book, a concise guide called Demystifying Digital Currency. Since its release she has been afforded the opportunity to speak and inform people about the basics involved in digital currency investing. Her ultimate goal is to continue to infuse diversity into the digital currency landscape.

Photo by JWJ Photography

Photo by JWJ Photography